Illustration, design, patterns and hand-lettering for paper and gift products, apparel, and textiles.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Recycled Paper Greetings, American Greetings, Hallmark Cards

AWARDS AND HONORS INCLUDE:  Louie Award for greeting card design

I create content including writing, illustrations, designs and hand-lettering for paper and gift products, apparel and textiles.

I've created hundreds of greeting cards including projects featured in Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and CostPlus/World Market.


Clients include: Recycled Paper Greetings, Hallmark Cards, American Greetings and Sellers Publishing.

Little Things card

Things card

Hand-lettered "Thank You"

Flipping Frogs

Hand-lettered "Happy Halloween"

Hand-lettered "Twenty-Sixteen"

I Just Have to Shut My Eyes

Le Bebe Shower card

Holiday Bear money holder card

Thank You die-cut card design

Dancing Girl card

Sweet Dreams and Moonbeams logo

Party Shoes card design

Wedding Shower card

Space Guys Target summer promo card

Ballerina Pattern


Fly endpaper pattern design

Karma King card

Rattlebone Rock endpapers

"In My View" Target summer greeting

Ketchup & Mustard birthday card

Bottoms Up illustration & lettering

Sock and Heel card design

Father's Day card design


Friendtini card

Around the World card

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Little Things card